The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf That Made History
by Beckie Elgin

The remarkable tale of the first wolf to roam the Pacific Northwest in nearly a century. Filled with maps, sketches, and photos, this intimate account of Journey teaches us not only about wolves, but about our own relationship towards the natural world.

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“Journey’s story is one of redemption—for us and for wolves … No matter your age, you’ll enjoy this book immensely—and likely learn something along the way. I sure did!” Rob Klavins
Oregon Field Coordinator, Oregon Wild

About the Book

Join the adventures of the famous wolf OR-7, also known as Journey, as he trots across the landscape of the Pacific Northwest into territories that have not seen his kind for nearly a century. Follow this remarkable animal as he searches for, and finally finds, what he was seeking during his three-year, 4,000-mile trek. Along the way, you’ll discover fascinating facts about wolves and meet the humans that had a role in Journey’s quest. Enjoy the many photographs, maps, and sketches that help tell the tale of this courageous wolf. Journey: The Amazing Story of OR-7, the Oregon Wolf that Made History was created for middle-grade readers but will be appreciated by everyone with an interest in wolves and a desire to better understand these complex and essential canines.

On the short list for the 2017 Green Earth Book Award.


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“Beckie writes with a contagious passion that appeals to the young in all of us. A factual, naturalist style that only comes from having lived it...with the wolves! She is truly helping us all better understand and appreciate wildlife and the natural world and most importantly, how all the parts fit together into one complete story.” Joe Kreuzman
Wildlife Tracker and Co-Founder and Director of Coyote Trails School of Nature

About the Author

Beckie Elgin is a writer and registered nurse living in southern Oregon. She received a degree in Environmental Studies from Simpson College, completed her MFA at Pacific University, and also earned an Associate of Nursing Degree. As the daughter of a zoo director, Beckie’s formative years were spent with wolves and other animals, beginning her passion for wildlife at a young age. Beckie has published many articles about wolves, which have appeared in The Oregonian, Earth Island Journal, Mail Tribune, and many more.

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Beckie Elgin
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“Young readers will fall in love with Elgin’s animal-eye view of Journey, a wolf whose wanderlust carriers him across western landscapes and into human hearts. Journey teaches us about predators and their prey—and the curiosity streak and survival drive we all share.” DeLene Beeland
Author of The Secret World of Red Wolves

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